Vini BIO

In BIO we trust


For nearly thirty years our business philosophy has two goals:

  • safeguard our health and that of our consumers
  • create harmony with all that surrounds us, avoiding any form of pollution

Since 2001, we have entered a biological control system, trying to operate as our custom in the ecosystem where everything is synergy. To escape from the scope of a mechanical compression of life, maniacal attention must be paid to the vegetative life cycle instead of replacing only the natural molecules with the chemical synthesis molecules. Ours is not just an interpretation of organic farming in compliance with regulations, but it goes beyond: a fertilization fertilization made with the same products of the earth, work to safeguard the structure of the soil itself and the particular position of the vineyards, consisting of a single large plot, create a self-regulating environment in which the plants live in their natural condition.

Hand-picking in cassettes reflects the tradition of the company, safeguarding the integrity of the product and consequently reducing remedial measures on the grapes in the cellar: with the work of winemaking we want to enhance the characteristics of the grapes produced in our estate.

Every vintage that is spent is the result of new considerations, findings and comparisons between the cultivation practices carried out and the product obtained.